Remember me?

I've been meaning to update for awhile. That happens, right? I've also been meaning to write in my actual journal, attempt some sketches again, update the trail journal (dear Andy is still plugging away), but there's a block. At any rate, I thought I'd give a bullet point sort of update, one that will hopefully provide an adequate shove of encouragement for me to produce a real entry.

I do still want to teach, but I'm back to the decision that graduate school is the right step for me, right now.

I was mistaken for a hippie from Berkeley at a Barnes and Noble at home, based on my appearance and purchases. (A guide for first year high school teachers, a travelogue by a worldwide female nomad, a book on motorcycles and why they're awesome, and a Belle and Sebastian album.)

I'm currently reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, and my goodness. It's only now, nearly 300 pages in, that the philosophical musings have started tiring my brain. The story is wonderful.

I'm updating from Andy's high school bedroom in New London, OH. Tomorrow (Aug 25) early morning his mother and I will drive the 10 hours to pick him up at a trailhead in Vermont. We'll be staying with him for a week in a beautiful cabin (hiking during the days), both to rejuvinate his spirits and fill our own Andy-needs. At least, some of them.

Home is, while comfortable, beginning to feel a bit stifling. I'm in the guest room downstairs, which is a trade off of more privacy for less belongingness. The city has become too crowded, the air too still, and I only can tolerate driving when all the windows are down.

Things are looking promising regarding a part time job offer as a research assistant in a behavioral neuroscience lab up in Seattle. The professor is interested, and most importantly, I'm interested.

It's late, tomorrow will be a long day, and there's a waterbed awaiting me. Goodnight.
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all you need is the right voice on the phone.
And everything will be okay.

Truly, everything is fine...I just miss the guy.
Really, miss the guy.
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still alive..

And still trying to update that trail blog that I gave up on so long ago. Just thought I'd remind you to keep reading, because it really helps to know I've got people out there keeping tabs on me.

Will write more there soon, but for now, I hope you're all well! Emily and Nathanael, Carolina and Sylvia, I hope you're having a blast with your respective adventures...and thanks for the updates!

In a week, my life will change.

Yes, I'll still be me, and you'll still be you, but my life will be different. For good.

My life will change in a week, and I'm supposed to write a paper?


(Kinda makes me long for the end of senior year in high school...we didn't have to do anything at that point, right? Okay, except not really. Cause I have zero desire to do that all again.)

Since no one's interrupted yet, I'll throw out one more thought train:
A few posts back, I declared with great conviction that I am not a good fit for a PhD student, and what I really want is to teach high school biology. I then proceeded to get highly confused, and I entirely blame the happy successes in my lab. But the current word: back on track. I'm discovering (slow learner, on occasion) that whenever I bring up the "do I/don't I" PhD thing with the endlessly patient roommate and boyfriend (read: two separate people), I get the same quiet tolerance when I'm leaning toward getting the next degree, and the same supportive enthusiasm when I'm trying on the teaching bag. What can I say, I look good in a teaching bag. When I really think about it, to get a PhD would be to put off my life. And when there's no real motivating factor (bored yet? heard all this before?), it doesn't make any sense. And still, working so closely with all these PhD students, I don't think I'd be willing to stick it out.

Yes, you've heard this before. Yes, I need to keep reminding myself. I'm just really on the track to zip right off to grad school, and it's hard to put on the breaks and refocus on what I really want.

You know what I really want? Next Sunday.
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Wanna measure your feet?

Do any of you ladies wear an approximately size six shoe? Me and my clompers aren't much help. *ahem*

Even if they're not spot on (say, a seven or seven and a half...or whatever), will you do me a quick favor and measure the bottom of your foot, toe to back of heel? And if you've got a piece of string or a measuring tape, I'd also like the circumference of your instep, above the ball of your foot.

Lisa needs some comfort socks, and comfort socks she's getting.

(Also, this would be a great time to just give me your foot if I deem you worthy, I can knit you surprise socks whenever the hell I want.)
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I thought you'd like to read

some things going on with me:

I'm wearing Emily's skirt. Okay, I've done this before, but not in awhile. I need to do laundry like whoa (everyone should use that phrase. and by everyone, i mean no one.), and also, I'm sick of my clothes (most of them are in Ohio).

I started a new blog. *gasp* It's for hiking purposes, and both Andy and I will have access to it...and both of us will update it. When we get the chance, of course. You do realize that we're going hiking, right? Away from computers/technology/masses of people? (Just reminding myself, mostly.) Anyway, if you *really* love me ...i'll give you a moment to consider that... .... .... ...then you'll subscribe to the RSS feed so you'll know *rightaway* when we update. You should know what the hell I'm talking about, but if you don't, go to the blog page, click on the blue "RSS" all the way to the right of the url, um, space, and bookmark that "feed://" link. If this is news to you, you've been missing out. Welcome to the internet.

I just had a lot of coffee. No, not so unusual, but I did it at Starbucks, which is a little different (home is good). Anyway, I totally embarrassed myself by exclaiming "HI!!!" to a cute little old professor who gave me a little smile as he walked by my table...a professor I don't know at all. My bad.

I fly to Atlanta in...eleven days. If you're so ignorant as to not understand why I'm flying to Atlanta, or why this is a big deal, follow that blog link up there. Also, hi, I'm Lauren. Nice to meet you.

I didn't go to lab today. That's right, my senior thesis is DUE on Monday, and I didn't go to lab to work on it. I'm rebelling, and mainly, waiting for Tim to edit the damn thing. Still, even though it's his fault, I imagine I'll get a grumpy email tomorrow morning asking me why I didn't come spend four hours staring at the essay that I can't edit any more.

I'm knitting sleeves, and I'm so not into it. Yeah, Rogue (the sweater, you all constantly look at my flickr stream right? No? You should.) is close, but she needs sleeves. They're dull, but this thing was just not meant to be a vest. I'm up past the exciting cable part, but even that was dull after finishing that hood. Still, as SEKSY as Kelsey may think it is, it just wasn't meant to be.

I ordered yarn yesterday. Twice. The first time was totally forgivable, as I can't fight it any longer and I really do need a seventh skein for the sweater. At $6.50 a pop, it's not too painful. But, see, the thing is, shipping from that site is a flat $5. And they've got some amazing sock yarn. (Yes, that's three separate links. No, I didn't buy some of each.) Particularly, how could I resist something that's called "Jungle Stripe" (the AT is kinda jungly, right?) and looks like this? Yeah. Now you understand. But, yes, I did say twice, didn't I. So, this one I blame on sheer enabling of the uber-talented yarn dyer, who's recently been pimping her shit, and with good reason...check out those colors! Anyway, there's this one, it's really pretty, and it's called...are you ready??...scarecrow! (Don't get it? Go click on that hiking blog link.) I couldn't help myself. It's pretty, it's *nice*, it's SOLD OUT already, and I like making socks. A lot. So there.

Hope you enjoyed the pictureless (do I get some credit for links?) update, there's just not many exciting images to share at the moment. Don't you worry, a few weeks from now, I'll have plenty.
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Waking up is always more interesting

when it happens after slamming your face into a wall.

I'm not kidding, I've got a red mark and small bump on the top of my nose to prove it.

No, andy wasn't in a bad mood this morning (he always wakes up chipper, in fact...can you hear me grumbling?), and he had already left for work this morning when the incident occurred. So what the hell happened? It's like that twitchy thing that happens every so often when you're dreaming (don't deny it, you all know what I'm talking about). Say, you're dreaming about jumping off a huge cliff into a giant pool below, your muscles temporarily lose their dream time paralysis, your legs twitch, and you awake nervously looking around to see who's laughing at you. Except this time I wasn't dreaming about free-spirited leaps, I was apparently dreaming about throwing my head forward violently.

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